Vogue: The Editor’s Eye Review

Hello all as I promised I will be posting content that I wanted to publish through the summer. This the review on the photography/fashion book Vogue: The Editors Eye (Mentioned here)

I have looked few some photo-books dedicated to famous photographers, for example Mario Testino’s – In Your Face and Trent Parke’s – Minutes to Midnight. What sets apart this photo-book is its a collection of many different photographs shot for vogue and the fact that fashion editors are featured as key figures in the production of the amazing photographic stories Vogue is famous for.

Let’s start with the physical size of the book its coffee-table size, with wonderful colour photos and short bios of some of the many Vogue editors. They were interviewed and offered some personal photos, so we get a glimpse of their lives.

Flipping through the photobook, it has been chronologically arranged with the history of fashion from the 40’s until today. Many famous images by Newton, Penn, Avedon, Testino and many others Vogue photographers are featured.

I particularly like the photos from the 70’s, as it was the blooming of colour photography within art, I also liked them as they reminded me of famous models of the time (for example Lisa Taylor, who was one of Newton’s favourite). The reinterpretation of fairy tales, such as Alice in Wonderland were very clever; I also enjoyed the concept that the characters along side the models were designers of the outfits.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. However, I understand that to fully appreciate it, one must be interested in fashion and photography. If you care for fashion or photography you might not get as much enjoyment and appreciate the full value of the book.

There you go there is my short review on Vogue: The Editors Eye, it was a great read and includes some great photo’s for inspiration. The book is available to purchase but was also produced as a documentary, which can be viewed on YouTube. HBO Documentaries In Vogue The Editors Eye – YouTube


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