The Summer of 2015

It was not intended but I unfortunately took a short hiatus on creating content for the blog.  Over the summer I  have had a college summer project, and employed to work as a domestic assistant; to provide meals for young adults working towards their NCS Award. At the end of the summer break I found myself enjoying a small break in France and attending my cousins wedding.

However this does not mean I don’t have content to publish onto the blog. I have wrote a short review on a photography/fashion book called Vogue: The Editors Eye (Amazon UK). I also have wrote a blog post about my move to mirrorless, as I sold my Nikon D5200 DSLR to buy a Sony NEX 7 and a Sony Alpha A7. These are both fantastic cameras.

There will also be a blog piece on the creation of my submissions for the college summer project.

I have now started my second year of my Photography course which is going to be more challenging and exciting. This year I shall also be applying for universities through UCAS, so I will be writing about my experiences of applying and what I have learnt.

Here is some of my pictures taken over the summer.

I also produced two videos one is a montage of various clips which I have recorded over the year and the other one is a small highlight reel of videos I recorded of the slip and slide at the staff party.

Various Clips In Minutes 2

Slip and Slide Highlights

From now on I shall try to be getting back into the habit of publishing content to the blog.


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