Alissa’s Studio Shoot for Final Major Project

In this blog post we will be discussing a shoot I did in June for my friend Alissa. This shoot would be a fashion-based photo; to present her Final Major Project Garment’s.

The studio shoot was of my friend Amber wearing Alissa’s garment as she had designed the clothes around her own body measurements. For this shoot I wanted to shoot full-length body shots and some close-up portraits.

I shot Amber, with a studio flash suspended in the air on a boom with a honeycomb attachment, and a secondary flash with a honeycomb attachment. I also then used a third studio flash with a soft box attached, this flash will have a white backdrop as this will allow me to create different colour backdrops.

Amber the model had to sign a model release form to declare the rights of the photograph’s for me to use in my project. It is very important when working professionally in photography to make sure a model has signed a model release form and that you both keep record of the form. As if there are any legal issues to arise in the future it must be documented and they’re proof that the model declared the rights of the images.

When shooting Amber, I had to ensure her safety as Amber was standing on the floor with flash with a honeycomb attachment suspended in the air shining light directly onto her. This caused Amber to have limited vision and puts at risk of walking into something and causing harm to her.

I shot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 with a 85mm Prime lens. However I made sure to align the light with sitter/model, making sure I was taking full advantage of the light.

I shot with 1/125th to make sure it would sync with the studio flashes correctly. I used an aperture f/10 and my ISO sensitivity was 100. I then also made sure to shoot in RAW or RAW and JPEG. I will be organising my photos with Bridge instead of using the Adobe DNG converter.

I believe that the photos I shot from both shoots gave me some acceptable shots and that I have some very good images for submission. This was partly due to using the best camera and the best lens available from the studio; this was a Canon EOS 5D Mark 2 and a Canon 85mm f/1.8 prime lens. I made sure to also shoot in RAW to give me the best quality files possible.

While shooting Amber in the studio I had some time to do a few test shots of Jade with experimental lighting to get the lighting right for Alissa’s shoot. I also used barn doors to experiment with light on the model and gels to colour the model.

Unfortunately I had to rush the shot that meant I did not pay attention to the lighting and that meant some of the shots had terrible lighting, which meant I lost a few shots to poor lighting.

Overall I believe that the photos and my overall performance was good and I thoroughly enjoyed this small project. I also wish Alissa the best for next endeavour at the London College of Fashion and congratulations on your grade for your foundation diploma!

For this shoot we also produced a Fashion Film based around the shoot and the theme of the clothes which was called “Reflections of a shattered past”. Below is the youtube video and some of the best shots from the shoot!


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