Image Manipulation Submissions

In this blog post we will be looking at all of my work that I intended to create for this assignment. Not only did I produced manipulated images, I also created 6 pages of a mock-up magazine. This was to do with my theme “Image Manipulation in Printed Media”, so instead of just creating 4 final manipulated images, I created two articles to show how it would look in a printed magazine. (Read my Statement of Intent here)

I originally intended to create the magazine spreads in Photoshop, however a Graphics tutor introduced me to Adobe InDesign. InDesign is a more complex document editor that has the ability to make interactive documents and integrates into other Adobe programs very well. I did find a learning curve in that it functions more like Adobe Illustrator in the way you undo and redo and how you save files.

The first article is based on an interview with my friend for her submission piece for her London College of Fashion portfolio.

Fashion Pages:

Fashion Magazine Page 1 Fashion Magazine Page 2 Fashion Magazine Page 3

Manipulated Images:

The Triple Finish (developed) 2 Person 2 Person 1 Alli's Pixels(Photomontage)

Article from fashion pages:

In recent years, the Art and Design world has seen Eastern countries emerge with new and upcoming designers with a refreshing take on the ever-changing world of fashion. The U.K hasn’t been able to keep up with onslaught of new designers from around the world, but that could be all about to change…

Hidden away and surrounded by the hills of the Midlands of England, there is a college located on the plains of Cheshire. The college in question has got a lot of people talking, after its recent renovation to its already new Sports and Creative Arts building. Mid Cheshire College is gaining quite a reputation for itself within the U.K and overseas creative industries, for producing very forward thinking students that are flexible and can adapt their talents to any challenges they come across.

Today we will be looking at a foundation Art and Design student, who has recently secured a place at the London College of Fashion. Meet Alissa O’Malley a 21-year-old Law Student, who has decided to change careers and take an interest in Fashion. Alissa recently submitted one of her designs to us for our Spotlight competition, and won. Two other Mid Cheshire students entered and both did very well, but came 10th and 15th out of the top 25th upcoming British Fashion students.

So Alissa, why did you choose Mid-Cheshire and what made you want to study Fashion?

I chose to study at Mid Cheshire College because it has great facilities and what is great about these facilities is they want relevant courses to all take advantage of the facilities they provide. Cross Curriculum collaboration is a major theme at Mid Cheshire” 

That is very interesting Alissa care to elaborate on the Cross Curriculum collaboration?

Sure! The Cross Curriculum Collaboration ranges from Fashion and Photography, where Photography allows us to take advantage of their studio and they can work with us to do a Fashion Shoot. While we can work with Graphics Design to help create promotional posters for our fashion show and we can use Media to help generate some other promotional content to advertise our fashion show!”

Do you feel that you have made the right choice?

“I feel I have made the right choice as I feel the course is relevant to my goal in specialising and working within fashion”

Now Alissa originally studied a Law degree at the University of York. So Alissa, my question is why the sudden change, especially when you had the prospects of high paying jobs at your disposal; fashion is competitive and it is very hard to get exposure into the industry?

Yes I did graduate with a law degree. But I think sometimes its important to take a step back and really think about what’s important to you and what you want from life.  I knew I had to take this chance and follow my fashion design dream. I was more than ready to put everything I had into a career in fashion and although it was a massive change from law I knew it was what I really wanted to do. I have been fortunate enough to be offered a place at LCF, which I am over the moon about.  I devoted everything to the course at Mid Cheshire College and I am so thank you to all the tutors, in particular Amy who helped me to achieve this. The journey hasn’t been easy and by no means over. I will get my fashion degree and then I wish to become a fashion designer: hopefully my own label! Designer’s work that I adore at the moment is Gareth Pugh, Roland Mouret and Iris Van Herpen. I particularly admire Herpen’s work as she creates garments from new and unique materials such as 3D printing. She talks about how in the future we may not even use materials and clothes could be made using projections. I would love to follow in her footsteps.”

That’s an interesting insight you have given us there Alissa and it just goes to show that anyone and everyone can go from one industry to another.

Now we have more important things to discuss with regards to Alissa’s entry to Mid Cheshire’s upcoming Mid-Term Fashion show. I am very interested in the simplistic nature of Alissa’s submission, the clean-cut lines and intricate pattern on the shirt. Both are strikingly different when compared to the other student submissions. I was also very interested to be able to talk to the student designer about it. Each student was asked to state the intention of when and where the outfit was intended for, and justify it. Alissa didn’t give one but justified how it could be seen in a variety of situations, and although I do disagree with that in some regards, this isn’t something that everyone could pull off. However Alissa is one of the select few that this would work well for, and would be able to pull off anywhere!

So Alissa tell me your thoughts and feelings behind the dress.

So the design behind my outfit was that the aesthetic are clean cut, modern lines. I only design in grey, black and white. This particular dress was inspired from looking at angular architecture after a trip to London. The dress is ready-to-wear. I am currently developing this design for my three couture pieces, which have also been designed for looking at architecture, but focused more on geometric and brutalist building structures. I find brutalist architecture in particular very inspiring for my fashion designs, as they are stark, sometimes ugly designs. I like the challenge of looking at something considered ‘ugly’ and turning it into something sought for. I am bringing in the use of new materials also such as glass and mirrors. These designs will be for young professionals who are fierce and dress to impress. It is my dream to design for Beyoncé, her style and confidence is something I wish to emulate in my designs. The designs are very avant-garde and futuristic: perfect for someone who wants to stand out.

Thank you Alissa for your time and we will look forward to talking to you again and good luck for your future endeavors in the Fashion Industry.

Overall I really enjoyed the simplicity of Alissa’s dress, it is stark and brutal yet has a very friendly and welcoming approach. I would like to see a possible variation either in black or a gold.

In my opinion, of all of the fashion submissions this year I am looking forward to seeing more work from Alissa; but this year I am very excited to see how many of these potential fashion students do well.
The second article is a made up interview with myself, but is based on facts except I didn’t create a short film called “the disconnected businessmen” but a photo-story/photo-sequence

Photographer Pages:

Photographer Magazine Page 1 Photographer Magazine Page 2 Photographer Magazine Page 3

Photographer Manipulated Image:

_MG_6521 DSC_0253 DSC_0383 DSC1 Tom 1 Develop

Article from Photographer pages:

Recently I attended London’s The NEXT Film Festival and it was certainly interesting to see some of the submissions and how they had adapted the theme to fit their idea. These were all moonlighted by a complete newcomer and what could be considered a game changer. So, what is it to do with the student film “The Disconnected Businessmen” that has been captivating the nation? In this article we will be interviewing Thomas Griffiths, the student behind the overall winner of the NEXT film festival.

I travelled up to Manchester to interview Thomas. We arranged for a meeting at Pokusevski’s, a delicatessen situated within Media City.

So Thomas, tell us about your background in Photography and Videography?

Well I have always been interested in taking pictures, I loved to capture images from trips out with the family to document and to be able to look back on. My first cameras were Kodak disposable cameras to take on school trips to take pictures. To my actual first film camera an Olympus Trip 35 though it was old school that was my first exposure and freedom to create within manual film photography. I then remember my family getting their first digital camera a HP Photosmart C100 with 1 megapixel sensor. My personal Photo library as of 2015 currently holds around 12,000 photos and 500 ish videos. My frist exposure into videography was my 14th birthday when I got my first digital camera which was a Vivitar X30 which had a video mode and my sisters and cousins would shoot small movies on it”

That’s an interesting summary of your exploration into the mediums you enjoy, however you weren’t originally going to delve into your interests, as career opportunities were you?

“Yes I originally wanted to become a primary school teacher, after my poor performance at my sixth form college. I decided to give my interest in Photography a chance to be my future career endeavour. A year ago I would be making the decision to study at Mid Cheshire College for Photography and today I wouldn’t be able to go back and change my decision I really have enjoyed it and I am excited for the second year and for future challenges I would face”

What do you think of the photography course and Mid Cheshire College?

“Mid Cheshire College is certainly different compared to my other college which felt like a small closed community connected to the high school whereas at Mid Cheshire you are all thrown in at the deep end and there is such a large diversity of people and culture which feels like a halfway point between high school and what I believe university to be like. I also feel like my voice and as a class we do have a say in some regards to how the college will operate and accommodate its students. I take an active role in being a course representative where I discuss issues with the students on my course and then report back to the learner voice head.

In regards to the Photography course, I really enjoy it and have learnt a lot but realise I have along way to go if I want to work within a professional photography environment. It was a different experience when compared to my A-levels at my sixth form college. We have to must at least pass every module to be able to continue on with the course, and support is only given if you seek it and there is only a limited amount of support we can be given. This has been a big wakeup call for me and has made me realise that this is how professionals work; if I can’t make assignment deadlines how have I got any hope to work towards professional deadlines.”

Interesting insight Tom, so overall do you like the college and course and how has this impacted your endeavours into videography considering the course doesn’t have any modules that cover videography on your photography course?

“Without a doubt in my mind I enjoy studying at my new college, I feel that I have a voice and have taken a bigger role in helping give my to college. My photography course provides me with the right amount of practical aspects to be able to work within a professional photography environment. I also haven’t seen the fact that I am only studying Photography at Mid Cheshire a limiting factor as I have access to our technician who has worked within the video industry and down the corridor from us is Media and they are more than happy to help and provide feedback on video shot and edited. This has been a huge factor on improving the quality on my video and video editing skills”

That’s a fantastic opportunity you have taken advantage of, and it clearly shows in your short film The Disconnected Businessmen I am not going to ask you about why you produced that as you made a great post about in on your blog. ( How did you feel when shooting the film?

“It was a very strange experience to be creating something to submit towards a competition as me and a few friends set out a plan about how we were going to produce this and we felt a drive to be as professional as we could with this film as we could. So I got my friends from Art and Design each taking up different aspects of the production of the film. My friend Lizzy headed up the set and prop design as she is going on study that at university next year. My other friend Alissa headed up costume design, as she will be going to study Fashion at the London College of Fashion. While my friends Sam and Seren helped assisting Lizzy and Alissa, as they will be both studying Art and Design at MMU. We tried not to stress about it but we did have a few caveats while filming but we overcame them. We didn’t want it to become the reason we split up but as a final project together before we all went our separate ways”

So, it must have been very satisfying that you won best overall Short film at NEXT then?

“We were all overwhelmed that we won and I don’t just see it as my achievement but everyone who was involved as if it wasn’t for their creative inputs and opinions we wouldn’t have this short film to show for it.” 

That’s a very humble way of looking at it. Thomas as you did the fashion shoot for Alissa and for our magazine, how did you find the shoot went and is Fashion Photography where you want to delve into?

“I am very interested in Fashion Photography and would love to own my own studio to be able to shoot Fashion and Portraiture. I would love to be recognised by Nick Knight as I am captivated by his work. I also enjoy the images produced from Annie Leibovitz and Richard Avedon.

The shoot went really well and I found it to be a great experience and we came out with good shots. Holly the model showcasing Alissa’s dress was excellent and was patient and very enthusiastic about getting involved. The other two models Jade and Zoe who showcased their own work were also great to work with and couldn’t have been more pleasant.”

If you keep producing fantastic shots like that, I have no doubt that you will be able to get into Fashion Photography if you keep working hard! Before we go Thomas where do you think you see yourself in five years?

“Well I will have finished my Photography course and hopefully achieved the best grade I could and will have completed or stilly be studying a degree in Photography or Visual Communication and then going onto study a PGCE in Art and Design to qualify me to teach as that’s my final goal to teach the next generations of photographers after I have practiced photography for a number of years and experienced what technological advances will influence the photography medium we know today” 

Well I wish you all the best Thomas with your aspirations and studies; just one more question, do you think you and your dream team will come back to produce more short films or was this a one of collaboration?

“Well who knows we certainly considered it when we got into the semi-finals as we all really enjoyed shooting together. We did shoot some more footage and content revolving around the short film but we haven’t finished these short projects yet. I would like to do another project it would be amazing to collaborate in a years time and see how much has changed within the team and what new skills will be brought to the table”

Thank you, Thomas for an interesting interview I wish you all the best with your future Photography and Videography endeavours. This has certainly been an interesting year for student and indie filmmakers trying to get their name out there. I have to say it was a close this year at the NEXT film festival all of the films submitted were very good and I could honestly say they put some recent big Hollywood blockbuster films to shame. I am very excited for the future of film, as some of these filmmakers will definitely bring something new to the future of film.

Well that turned out quite lengthy I do apologise, but if you have any questions feel free to comment below I will be explaining how the images were put together on my blog. (At some point in the future as I am still putting the documents together these will go on the blog too but are also needed for my Photography sketchbook) more specifically will come under the Unit 34 Image Manipulation 2nd Assignment tag.


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