Preparing and Organising Original Files

This blog post will be about how I organise my files for this assignment, and will give you an insight in how I create my digital workflow for all of my assignments. Most of my assignments follow the same workflow and folder structure.

Now that I have taken some fashion shots, the files must be organised and prepared, before they can be edited. The images must be imported from my camera to the computer. These will be imported to a folder located within a folder called “Unit 34 Image Manipulation”. This will contain two folders one which will contain the first assignment and one for the 2nd assignment. This will then have four sub-folders: Working Files, Original Files, Research and Notes and Final Images.

1For now the images will be located within a folder called “Fashion Shoot”. The photos will be renamed regarding the location within the image, once this has happened I will put them in sub-folders regarding the location. To batch rename the images I will use Adobe Bridge.

Batch renaming files with Adobe Bridge:

2Here we have all the images located within the folder “Fashion Shoot” I have already started to batch rename the images. Within the title of the images I include the location of the image and the date it was taken. To batch rename the images I need to select the images within a certain location. I then need to go to the drop-down menu Tools and click Batch Rename.

3A new window appears allowing me to specify what goes in the title, I can also include the date within the title. For the images I have currently selected I will be renaming them with “Zoe and Jade Fashion Shoot”, as they are images taken of Zoe and Shade.

4After I have put “Zoe and Jade Fashion Shoot” I will have the date created following on within the title and then I will include a sequence number.

5I will do this to the remaining images within the folder “Studio Shoot”.

6Now that all the images have been batched renamed, I will create folders for each location.

7This is how the Folder structure for the original images if I am to take any images to edit. These will be saved within the “Working Files” folder.

8For further organisation in the future, if I am doing a studio-shoot with multiple models. It would be better to name images that include a specific model the models name to make searching for particular images easier. In hindsight using metadata would also help increase the efficiency of my workflow in Adobe Bridge and Adobe Light-room.

Converting RAW Files and Batch renaming in Adobe DNG Converter:

Between the different studio shoots I did for this assignment I used different cameras, which gave me different RAW files which seemed to cause me compatibility issues between the Photoshop on my computer and the college computers. To prevent this issue from causing any more problems all of the original files will be converted from their native RAW format to Adobe’s DNG RAW format, which works within Photoshop.

9 (dng)When launching Adobe DNG converter you are greeted with a simple box, that is split into four sections: Location of source images, location for converted images, file name for converted images and preferences for conversion of RAW file.

10 (dng)Here we can see I have located the original source files that need to be converted and where the converted files need to go. I have also set the file name as “Zoe and Jade” with a digit serial number beginning at one. I will be using the normal RAW conversion process, as it is more than suitable for these pictures.

11 (dng)

Once you have finished setting up the files to be converted a new window will appear to tell you the progress on the conversion of photos.

12 (dng)

Here you can see all the RAW files converted into DNG files with the new specified file name.


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