Unit 29 – Project Evaluation

This blog post will bring my Unit 29 Location techniques to a close, and will have another unit completed on the blog.

This assignment has been very stressful but at the same time captivating, I found that I was always doing something everyday of assignment duration. I wish I had been more organised which would have kept the workflow constant.

Researching different photographers gave me inspiration and ideas for my assignment. A range of photographers such as Trent Parke, Duane Michal’s and Richard Avedon had influenced me when I was compiling my research. I also found that, although they are all different types of photographers, I thought I could unify these styles and create an interesting set of images.

This was the first time I encountered creating a statement of intent and planning a full location shoot. It allowed me to compare my initial ideas and decide which was the best idea to go forward with. This also meant that I had to stick closely to the plan and when I wanted to shoot, I also had to consider everything in advance so the shoot could go on ahead. Overall the first shoot named “the disconnected businessman” went very well and I got interesting images to work with. The second shoot based in Northwich was not as well coordinated as I had not researched about the town and when it would be at its quietest in the day. Therefore the shots didn’t communicate my idea very well and the overall shots weren’t very interesting.

While constructing the images in Photoshop, I learnt about placing images on top of other images, for “photoshopped” images to look good they have to all be done on the same day and take the original image exposure into account. This was good as I shot multiple images together and all I had to do was place them on top of each other and rub through to see the other parts of image. I encountered a few issues with Photoshop, which meant I had to re-align some of the images because the tripod on the day of the shoot had trouble staying tightened which has shown in the shots as it had a tendency to slightly move when the camera took an image. Fortunately this wasn’t too much of a problem because they weren’t completely different it just meant I had to move them on the original image to correct the alignment.

I was also happy with my organisation for the first shoot and the research produced for this assignment, because of this I was able to produce images that fit my intentions for this assignment.

I am very happy with the three images I submitted and I believe they communicate the idea well and are interesting images to look at. I was also happy with my performance in Photoshop when creating my images, and I have more ideas on how to use Photoshop allowing me to create more complex images within Photoshop.

I was less happy with my overall performance with shooting and producing research for my second shoot. This was because I was happier with the first idea and didn’t want to shoot again, but that wasn’t a good idea as if the first idea fell through the second idea would not have been at an adequate level to substitute with. This also would be unacceptable at a professional level, as every shoot must have the same amount of effort and consideration taken.

There you have it this was a short brief to be fair, which we only really had two weeks to complete which was a stressful thought. But I thoroughly enjoyed this brief, this week we will see work from Unit 34 Image Manipulation 2nd Assignment.


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