Photoshop Evaluation

This blog post will be about the images I created for my Unit 29 Location Techniques under the Photo-sequence called “The Disconnected Businessmen”. (For further reading of intent read here) As I decided to create a photo-sequence inspired by Duane Michals work I was going to use Photoshop to create surrealistic images.

This is a contact sheet of some of the manipulated images created from the first shoot.

This is a contact sheet of some of the manipulated images created from the first shoot.

As all the that needed to be put together were shot before hand it was a simple case of layering the images on top of each other. I then used the art history brush and the eraser to rub between the layers and then change the opacity on certain layers to give the effect of ghosts in the image. This is something to take into account for future shoots if you want to create heavily manipulated images you should shoot all the images together and consider other shots that could be useful to include or play around with in post to give you alternatives of the same image.

Here are the short listed images and below is three screen shots of how the images were constructed. These were only made possible by planning in ahead of the shoot and thinking about how I would incorporate editing the images while planning the shoot.

Once I was finished constructing the images I choose three that would look could in a triplet photo-sequence and then I started working on the contrast and overall look and feel of the images. Once I tweaked the layers to their final position and I was happy that no more editing was needed I merged the layers together. I then set about adding an adjustment layer on the brightness and contrast for each image, I concentrated on making sure the images had an overall even exposure.

Once that was done I added a colour balance adjustment layer to create an odd look to the image, I wanted the images to be surrealistic so I changed the greens to look more red. While on one of the images that it looked like the shot was taken in autumn.

This was a shorter brief than many I have I encountered which is why there are less posts on this brief and why I have been able to push them out quicker. I apologise for the post being published early, there seems to be an internet issue currently in my household and WordPress mistook what I was doing and submitted it. I will post the project evaluation tomorrow, and this will conclude my Unit 29 Location Techniques brief.


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