Updates and things

So if you haven’t seen recently there hasn’t been a lot of content to the blog, which is being addressed as we speak! You might have also noticed the huge change to the blog design, this is because I got a few messages about the previous design of the blog having trouble reading some of the posts in the bubbles.( unless the image in the bubble had a strong contrast) I was trying different colour combinations but I was very limited to which ones I could use before I needed to upgrade my account to take advantage of more colours and customisation.

I also had trouble getting the text to align in the tag bubbles as well so it all looked cramped. I am not sure if this will be a temporary fix or a more permanent solution. If certain elements on pages don’t seem to be working, i am trying to get through them all and should all be back to normal within the week!

I also have updated and added to new pages under the menu my own work, there is two new more pages under my own work: Year 1 (Photography Diploma) Portfolio and Colour Portraits. Colour portraits is quite self explanatory it is the same as the page that was already there about Black and White Portraits; but with colour. While my Year 1 (Photography Diploma) portfolio is showcasing the best of my work from the first year of my Photography diploma.

Why have I been slow to post new blogs and where am I up too?

There really isn’t one solid explanation for why I have had trouble producing content for the blog. I still want to produce content for the blog and will continue you too. I guess the major reason was I had to put my Photography diploma first I have been doing well, however my tutors wanted to me to push for higher grades which meant I had to stop worrying about the others in my class and put my work first. This meant the site suffered with a lack of content, however my grades for Photography have been slowly improving which is important as I need the best grades possible for my top university choices.

I must stress that I will continue with producing content for the blog and I want to submit one blog post a week as I think that will be alright for me to achieve. Through April I have submitted my Unit 29 Location Techniques brief, my Unit 5 Contextual Influences in art and design and my Unit 34 Image Manipulation 2nd Assignment. I have also started a new brief Unit 9 Professional Practice in Art and Design.

Thanks for continuing to visit my blog today I will be posting three other posts, one may have already gone up a Location Shoot Evaluation for Unit 29 Location Techniques. I will also be publishing two Project evaluations one from the first assignment of Unit 34 Image manipulation as I was allowed to look at my first folder and the project. I also saw while updating the blog that the project evaluation for Unit 4 Communication through Art and Design was not published.


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