Unit 4 – Project Evaluation

Sorry about this I didn’t realise that I had not published my Unit 4 Project evaluation here it is and we can now bring Unit 4 – Communication Through Art and Design to a close.

This assignment has been similar to the previous unit (Unit 3 – Concepts and Ideas) which is requires us to create images which could be used within a commercial environment. However these images would be used to campaign about something we believe is not getting enough attention (Charity Posters)

I learnt a lot about different social issues and how they are campaigned about, in regards to my Transgender research I found more adverts were based on graphic designs than Photographs because of the danger that the people helping out in the poster could be targeted for abuse. This made me consider the safety of my model for one of my shoots, which I took the decision to remove their face from the shot of the campaign.

I believe I had created studio posters that were of a sufficient quality and communicated my idea relatively well. I enjoyed shooting in the studio, as I was able to create the ideas I had envisioned. I also found that my studio shoots went a lot smoother than previous shoots did.

When creating my ideas I found it very easy to lose sight of what I was trying to produce and it became very hard to complete my ideas. Which led me to creating three studio campaign posters. The only reason I wasn’t able to do more for my Location was because I had decided that I really liked my idea and that it communicated the message quite well.

I also found that though my Photoshop skills have improved though I need to become better more efficient with the pen tool, as it took quite along time for me to cut out paths. However in the future I believe that I

Overall I believe that the posters were of sufficient quality however I have found that I am not good when it comes to creating images that are required to communicate an idea or message.


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