Unit 34 – Project Evaluation

Sorry this project evaluation has taken a long time to get here, but I have been given access to my folder for the assignment so I can re-type the evaluation for the blog and for my own personal archive of work.

This project has been a learning curve for me, as this assignment introduced a lot of techniques and editing within Photoshop. This has been the first time I have been expected to use Photoshop for all of my editing.

Though the project was mainly concerned with learning new techniques and getting to grips with Photoshop, we also had to shoot our own images to edit and manipulate. Unlike our previous project our brief required very specific images. This gave us a clear direction, however it gave me the chance to think outside the brief, but still have my images fit the brief. For example all of the images I have shot have been silhouettes of places within Cheshire. Because of this I have learnt the ideal time to use a neutral density filter and the short comings of it.

This assignment was focussed on learning the basics of Photoshop and getting confident with retouching and manipulating images within Photoshop. I have learnt an excessive amount about the environment of Photoshop and organising files within Adobe Bridge. It is crucial to have an organised workflow and to name files, using keywords that you will remember, as in the industry, image editors can be working with thousands of images and if they are not properly named and organised it can be hard to locate these files causing delays. So using Bridge I have learned to be able to import specific images to locations and be able to batch rename files.

Through the years and improvements to Photoshop, Non-Destructive editing has become easier and is the way you should approach an image when editing it. This is because due to the use of Adjustment Layers; adjustment layers allow us to alter the image without changing the original image. This means we can go back to the original file and delete adjustment layers or alter them but the original file will be unaltered.

I believe the images I submitted are acceptable and fit the brief. I found the images likeable because I had less worry over creating an even exposure across the frame. I also enjoyed using the neutral density filter to help capture the images I wanted.

I was less happy with organising my files and making sure that the files had suitable file names and had been saved in the correct location. Because of my lack of organisation I had to re-do some of the work, as I lost some the work/files associated with this brief.

I still believe I have a lot to learn in regards to using Photoshop efficiently, if I can learn a few more keyboard shortcuts, this will make the use of Photoshop easier.

There we go finally have submitted the project evaluation that seemed to have been lost. I will hopefully be submitting some more content over the weekend!


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