The Madness of March…

So firstly I would like to apologise for the lack of content through March but as I previously stated within a previous blog post. I was quite busy it turns out March was even busier and I ended putting the blog on a back bencher while I tried to keep up with my assignments for college. I then took a small hiatus with returning to producing content for the blog. So I am sorry for not returning sooner to creating content.

So where am I up to now? Well through March/the beginning of April I have completed three assignments and am working on one over the easter holiday.  So Unit 4 Communication through Art & Design was handed in on the 9th March, then the next week I was given a new assignment Unit 29 Location Techniques which would have to be handed in at the start of April. This was one of the smallest briefs I have ever been given which came as quite a shock to the class but we completed and handed in on time. The third brief I would have to hand in was the essay brief (Unit 5 Contextual influences in Art & Design), which has been the longest and on going brief I have done so far.

As you saw I started putting up content about Unit 4 on the blog but it is still lacking closure on how my last campaign poster was created and the project evaluation needs to posted. I will also be publishing the work done for Unit 5 and Unit 29 over the next few weeks as well. In regards to the assignment that is still going on that is my 2nd Assignment for Unit 34 Image Manipulation. For this assignment I will be producing four different Magazine designs with images and elements created for the magazine made in Photoshop and will be constructed within Adobe InDesign CS6.

Here are some images that have been produced for my recent assignments the location images are from Unit 29 Location Techniques and the fashion images are going to be used in the magazine design for Unit 34 Image Manipulation 2 Assignment.

Thank you all again for the continued support you have been giving me by coming to view and visit my site; I really do appreciate it! I will be posting another post today introducing Unit 4 Communication through Art and Design. I am still going to continue with producing content for the blog, from now on though I will state in advance if I am having trouble with keeping up with posting content.

Also another way to keep up to date with the work I am producing is through my DeviantArt profile as I can submit the final pieces quicker their, as I am not explaining the process of how I produced and came up with the idea.


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