Creating Location Campaign Idea

This post is going to be about how I constructed my location campaign idea, for my assignment – Unit 4 Communication though Art & Design. Unlike my studio ideas I ended up with only one location idea that I thought was satisfactory and communicated the charity and the message well.

Before                                                                                  After

_MG_5926              Vision Aid Alternative 2

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 20.49.02

To create this poster I first duplicated the original layer or the background so I could then add a gaussian blur to the image. I then added my glasses shot to photoshop, I edited this image separately as I shot it in the studio with a white background to make it easy to remove and add the image later. To make sure that it would keep the other ares clean I saved it in .PNG file I could have added the Photoshop file onto the image as smart object but than can complicate things later if you want to add adjustment layers to affect the smart object. I then added the logo onto the image and placed below the hands. I then decided to tweak the brightness and contrast on the original image, as it had a quite a strong strong contrast on the overall exposure. To make sure this only affect the background and duplicated background, I then moved the layer down and changed the hierarchy of the layers. I then wanted to change the brightness and contrast to mimic the overall exposure of the outdoor shot to make sure that it only affected the hands and glasses. I used the quick selection tool and then went to add the adjustment layer this would only select and affect the hand leaving the rest of the image unaffected by the adjustment. I then added the tagline ” Giving the gift of sight to those who need it”.

For my location poster I decided to focus on Vision Aid Overseas and a poster that would provide awareness for the charity. Vision Aid Overseas is a charity I love because it helps provide the gift of sight to third world countries by recycling glasses from first world citizens. I enjoy supporting this charity as for someone who is short sighted I know how important it is to have glasses and relief on them to see to get the job done. They are very expensive which is why I think its a great idea that we recycle and reuse our old pairs instead of waisting them.

This is their website which provides information on what they do and how you can help. (If hyperlinks don’t work just search vision aid overseas)

I apologise for the hiatus on content production, however that has ceased, and hopefully we should be back on schedule for blog posts to be published.


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