Creating Studio Campaign Ideas

This blog post will be about how I constructed my 3 studio campaign ideas using Photoshop.

Gender Matters (Ripped Body Shots)

IMG_9967 IMG_9977                                     Gender Matters Poster Final Style 1                       

  Before                                                             After

GMRB Layer 1Before I could start constructing the poster I needed to get the two images to the same level of brightness. So I created an adjustment layer to increase the brightness. I then merged these two layers and duplicated this layer so I could start working on aligning the second image on to the first image. I brought the dress layer on top of the suit layer as I found this easier to work with. I then started rubbing through with the eraser on the left side of the image. Once I completed the majority of the rubbing through I then started to work on mapping out where the rip would come across on both the layers so I used the magnetic lasso tool to create a basic rip on the image to give an idea how the rip would look. I then printed the colour black onto an A4 sheet and ripped it, I then scanned the rip onto the computer and placed onto the file. I had to remove the rest of the image as I only needed to the rip I used the colour range tool to make sure I selected the rest of the image that was unnecessary. I then decided to make it look like you could see the collar of the shirt to make it look like it was suspended in the air to do this I used different parts of the shirt and inversed these selections to allow me more control to shape the collar. I then used the path tool to cut around the excess to make it more believable.

GMRB Layer 2Adding the last two components was easy. I created another file, which had all the previous work merged into one layer so I could assess the scaling of the image and add the logo and text without other layers possibly interfering.

Gender Matters (Miss-gendered Figures)

IMG_0008 IMG_9993                                               Gender Matters Misgendered Figures                      Before                                                                                     After

GMMF Layer 1

I started with the Barbie with the dress and set about removing the Barbie body parts from the dress. I then added an adjustment layer to increase the brightness slightly to match the overall exposure of the WWE wrestler (in hindsight the brightness is slightly higher than it needs to be) I then set about aligning the dress with the WWE figure, I encountered some problems with this because the Barbie doll and the dress were a lot taller than WWE figure and the WWE figure was wider than the dress. So I used the liquefy tool to alter and distort the proportions of the dress to fit the figure of the WWE figure I then created duplicates of the original dress so I could rub through the distorted dress to make it look like there was more pattern to the dress to make it more detailed and less obvious it has been altered. I then had to create a duplicate of the WWE figure to make it look like his arm was over the green fabric coming off the dress. This helped reduce the flatness of the image and makes it more believable. I then decided to create another layer of the WWE figures leg to make it look they were that long.

GMRB Layer 2When constructing the poster I followed the same procedure as the when I created the first poster I created a duplicate Photoshop file with all the layers merged. I first opened the image of the background the dolls were first photographed on. I then decided to make it the doll look like they were wearing make-up, so I added another layer with the transparency turned down and then started using colours associated with make up I created a mock-up of a person wearing eye shadow, foundation and lipstick. I then added the text and the logos to the poster. 

Amnesty (Building Communities)

Faces16 Faces9                                                         Amnesty Gender Equality Poster    

               Before                                                                                   After

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 14.51.44To construct these images I opened one image into Photoshop and then added another image on top and decreased the opacity to help me align the two images. Once the photos were aligned, I would then distort the second image to shape the face to the first face. I would then use the rubber tool to remove one half of the face and make sure to have the softness is up; with the softness up the faces seem to merge together better and seem to fit together better. I then had to create four more for the poster. The face files were first saved in Photoshop PSD files once I finished constructing the face I exported the image as a JPEG. This was because if I added the PSD files onto the new canvas they would be harder to manage but give the best quality possible.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 14.50.07To start the construction of the Amnesty poster I created a canvas scaled to A4 paper with a black background. I then added the four images that I had created and positioned them at the top and at the centre of the A4 page. I used the guidelines to help align the images make sure that when I added the text later that it to stayed align with the four images. I then added the Amnesty logo to the lower right of the poster, while making sure to stay in line with the four images. I wanted to make sure that you read the tag line before you looked at the logo. I choose to use a font that was very similar to previous Amnesty posters and that the colour of the font followed the logo.



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