Research on more Charities

2000px-Igualtat_de_sexesThis blog post will be about charities that are known for campaigning Gender Equality. Gender Equality is about men and women being equally and should not be discriminated on there gender.

This image is known by many as representing Gender Equality.

Amnesty International:

AmnestyAmnesty International charity that is very well known for its work as human rights work and has over 7 million followers around the world. It focuses on equality and support for all humans, which is why it is known for its support in campaigning for equality between Men and Women in many different countries.

Amnesty international was originally founded within the U.K in 1961, following an article about Forgotten Prisoners and campaigned to bring prisons up to scratch with international laws.

The Great Initiative:

GREATThe G.r.e.a.t (The Gender Rights and Equalities Action Trust) Initiative is another U.K charity that focuses on promoting Gender Equality in the U.K and projects in third world countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia. The Great Initiative is the youngest Gender Equality charity I have researched, which was formed in 2011. However it has produced short-films on females being treated wrongly in many different third world countries. In Kenya they produced a film creating awareness on the Female Gender Mutilation that occurs in Kenya, which is absolutely un-ethical and immoral but has become a catalyst of change which has caused more support to be directed to help sort out this issue.

U.N Women:

UN WomenThe United Nations entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women also know, as UN Women is a part of the United Nations to help promote Gender Equality and the empowerment of Women in states of the United Nations. Though this wasn’t founded within the UK as a member of the United Nations we do have a representative within UN Women and they work within the UK to provide support to those who are having trouble with being treated differently because of their gender. UN Women is also there to provide support with governments, in their formulations of policies and global standards.

Like the post before on Transgender charities I needed to research charities and understand how different charities campaign. This will impact the way I produce ideas for my campaign and will affect the final ideas and the message I will try to convey.


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