Initial Studio Campaign Ideas

So here are my initial studio campaign ideas, I created two ideas for transgender awareness and 1 for gender equality, however the ideas get developed and refined however in hindsight, the idea generation and idea development could have been better.

Initial Transgender Campaign Advert

Initial Transgender Campaign Idea Summary:

  • Showing two people one from each gender on pedestals, but with two images one side in the opposite genders clothing with a happy facial expression but then on the other side have the person in the genders associated clothing but sad.
  • The idea of the poster is to raise awareness and summarise the basics of transgender to the public. The transgender community in the UK is relatively small so using a subtle and basic way to promote awareness of transgenders In the UK.
  • I have decided that my campaign will be under the charity Gender Matters, which pride themselves in providing support and promoting awareness for transgender’s in the UK. (See research page on Charity)
  • The tagline is “Let’s break Gender Convention and embrace change…” The tagline is based around the idea of engaging the public and hopefully getting them to question and change their ideas on “Gender Convention”. The last word change could be coloured in the flag widely adopted by LGBT community (see below)

LGBT Community

Developed Transgender Advert

Developed Transgender Campaign Idea Summary:

  • Instead of having two people I will just have one person but will not have the face and will have them dress up in “gender identifiable” clothing. For example one side a suit for the male and a dress for the female. But I will also have the face removed from the campaign. As the campaign is not about identifying transgender people; which was partly why I reduced to one body as that would have made it very hard for me to get models to shoot for the campaign.
  • To separate the two images I will Photoshop a rip in between the two images to separate them but also to make a point about transgender people. But also to help get across my tagline and message.
  • The new tagline is “Lets rip the gender convention” is a bit more in your face about the issue but also trying to change the stagnant view most people have of transgender people, which is wrong and needs to change and become more accepting of their lifestyle choices.

2nd Transgender Idea

2nd Initial Transgender Campaign Idea Summary:

  • For this idea I want a Barbie doll either split up so one side shows a more masculine side while the other shows a more feminine side (or how you would normally see perceive a Barbie doll). The doll would be centralised on the poster.
  • This would cause people to look at the advert, as it isn’t the normal way a Barbie doll would look. Which helps bring across the idea of transgender in a subtle way. If we can re-dress a Barbie doll why can’t humans be allowed to do it?
  • I am not sure how I would create the split or if I would get one Barbie doll and then cut the hair and re-dress and merge the two images. The problem being that if its too perfect people might get confused about the advert and what is trying to communicate.
  • I have decided to use the first ideas original tagline “Lets break the Gender Convention” as it fits this advert more than the other idea as I am changing peoples perception on what we normalise and agree is associated with each gender.

2nd Transgender Idea Developed

2nd Developed Transgender Campaign Idea Summary: 

  • I have developed the idea by getting two dolls one for boys and one for girls. I would then Photoshop the opposite genders clothing onto the doll. This makes it more obvious than the first one and requires less effort to do. It also then makes it more easier to identify what the campaign is trying to get across by having both the genders doing the opposite this makes it easier to understand the advert.
  • This advert would in theory would make more viewers stop and stare as it has two dolls in the opposite genders clothing completely confusing people’s perception and would make them question their own views.
  • This also is a simpler advert that could engage children with inquiring about Transgender awareness.
  • I have decided to increase the tagline slightly by adding a rhetorical question “They don’t mind… So why should you”? I then have the other tagline “Let’s break the Gender Convention” and below that the logo for the charity Gender Matters. This allows the reader to read all the information in a logical step and get them to think about the poster.

Developed Gender Equality Poster

Initial Gender Equality Campaign Summary:

  • The poster will be split up into 5 parts; four of these parts will be banners of portraits of people wearing a builder’s hardhat. However two of the banners will have the faces merged and mixed up.
  • The centre banner will have the tagline “It takes all kind of people to build a community”. This is a great message and plays well with the image metaphor with all the people wearing a builder’s hardhat. This will make people stop and look at the “photoshoped” portraits to get them to think about gender segregation and gender equality.
  • The campaign poster will be using Amnesty which is known for unique campaigns while some are very gruesome but are depict the reality of what’s happening are more light hearted but make you think and consider supporting Amnesty’s message. My advert will be more clever than gruesome however that is not to say Gender Equality hasn’t had its fair share of immoral and un-ethical acts of treating females.
Amnesty 1

This was Amnesty’s campaign for Female Model abuse in the fashion catwalk.

Amnesty 2

This was Amnesty’s campaign in regards to certain religions decision to stone women who had committed acts, however would not punish the men that committed the same acts.

Initial Gender Equality

Developed Gender Equality Campaign Summary:

  • For the developed idea, I decided to change the banners and reduce the amount of portraits on the poster as having both the original and the “photoshopped” portraits would have been confusing and wouldn’t give as big of an impact if I only used the “photoshopped” portraits on their.
  • Instead there will be four “photoshopped” portraits on there, which will be both boy and girl and possibly both genders together. But the point is to make users to stop and view the poster with something interesting to look at. These will certainly be interesting to look at, because of the nature of the portraits.
  • This is a simpler design that will help get the message across better.
  • I have decided to move the tagline and keep the logo at the bottom to make the viewing experience seamless instead of separated by having the tagline in the centre.

Another issue should have been to address the quality of the scans of my ideas, this was because they were taken on my phone.


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