First Solo Shoot

So to start I would like to thank Alissa (a friend of mine, who is studying art and design), who presented me with the opportunity to shoot her dress on a model. I would also like to thank the model (Holly who is also a friend studying art and design), who was patient with me and Ali trying to decide on the best poses to show of the dress off. These images were going to be used within Alissa’s portfolio for her interview at the London College of Fashion. So I had to ensure they were of an acceptable standard.

This was the first time I had to coordinate the shoot on my own, as my tutor is currently on an education visit to Berlin. There was a substitute tutor in who was excellent however he was tasked with prioritising the 2nd Year Photography students. This wasn’t a problem as it wasn’t technically my day to shoot (1st Years take priority of the studio on Mondays and the 2nd Years have priority on Wednesdays (Side note I really appreciated the 2nd Years letting me shoot at Lunch)).

For the shoot we used a white background with two flashes with Soft-boxes attached; then to illuminate the model we used a boom to suspend a studio flash with an umbrella attachment to light her top down. Unfortunately we had some trouble with lighting the set as we used the older models but were all different trying to get the flashes all to the same power seemed to prove very difficult.

This caused me some trouble when editing the images and trying to recover the exposure as I did have a few images with blown-out highlights. In hindsight I should have used a light meter to get to create a more suitable exposure. Fortunately I shot in RAW which meant once I edited them within Photoshop all was right again with the world.

Overall I am quite happy with the images, the background was not completely white and gives off a tonal grey. The images have quite a strong contrast to them which was partially down to editing some of the images on my MacBook and not one of the college’s iMacs. As for the experience I was very please and am interested to shooting more fashion shots in the future.


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