What do I want to campaign about?

In this blog post I will be exploring different issues that affect people, that I am aware of and try to classify the different issues for my idea generation. PI These are personal issues that have affected me directly or indirectly that I know most people have to deal with. This is also a very simplified way of looking at my personal issues; I have always been aware of the LGBT community as I have had friends “come-out” and I myself have no problem with that. I was aware that they were given a lot of trouble for their personal preferences and were bullied for those choices. I found this unacceptable and was given my fair share of bullying for standing up for their choices. I didn’t mind though as bullying has been prominent in my life since I went to primary school, and though it really hurt I pushed on through. UKI I then classified social issues and other issues that affect U.K citizens on a day-to-day basis. Many citizens are still recovering from the economic crisis (in 2007 which led to a recession); it is uncommon to hear about Money troubles from U.K citizens. Bullying though it is “considered” to be better than situation within America, it is still prominent and many schools aren’t doing enough and there aren’t enough resources still to help Cyber bully victims. The U.K is also seeing a major cultural shift, as it becomes a larger and more open Multi-Ethnic Society, this is raising concerns on racism and discrimination. The U.K is also seeing major changes to its education; this has led to education inequality and certain students having grades and qualifications complete devalued.


Here you can see I have gone even broader by looking at the worldwide issues and simplifying these issues. On a whole the world has been undergoing a change in climate, whether we are to blame or this is due to a natural change in our climate is yet to be seen. However our dependence on Fossil Fuels to increase our production and travel means has contributed damage to the world we live in. Pollution is at an all time high causing areas of India and China to become very dangerous (Xingtai GreenPeace Research). We are also facing huge environmental issues with continued destruction of wildlife habitats and deforestation.

I have decided to campaign about the Transgender Community by creating posters to promote more awareness of the community. By increasing awareness we can help to achieve more equality for the transgender community.


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