Why Do We Campaign Introduction To Unit 4

This brief is all about creating a campaign poster to promote an issue in the world that is causing harm to humans, causing harm to animals or causing damage to the environment. If we lived in a perfect world, then everyone would be fine and our world that we live in would be perfect.

Humans though have excelled with what we have created but learnt we are still causing lots of damage to the environment, which is affecting the earth that we live on and damaging the climate for future generations.

Humans also have in the past poached wild animals, when we did not have the right. We have also damaged habitats through deforestation and expansion of human development.

Many countries have varying economies and aren’t all classed as MEDC’s (More economically developed countries) but are LEDC’s (Less Economically developed countries). This causes great divides between nations and causes a lower standard of living; some countries have citizens who don’t all have access to clean running water, basic education, basic medication and health care.

We also are affected by Social and Political differences that cause wars between countries and wars within some countries, for example Syria. There are many innocent people that get caught between the conflicts and ultimately bear the cost.

But closer to us in the UK, there are social differences which cause people to bully and be prejudice to other humans around them. This can be for a variety of reasons; due to their nationality, being a minority within another country, personal preference on clothing or views. Bullying and Prejudice can affect anyone at any age.

Ultimately we live in a world full of flaws, which cause great divides between people, and while some people are allowed to flourish others live in fear because of war or their life choices or nationality.

Therefore we campaign against social inequality and other disadvantages between people, to help promote equality and we also promote environmental issues and against wildlife poaching.


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