Where am I up to?

I apologise again for my absence again on the blog; I have been busy this week. I have wanted to post content to the blog but have not had the chance. So this post is going to talk about where I am up to with regards to all of my college work.

So I have finished another assignment and have also completed putting on wordpress. I am currently working between three new briefs; one is an ongoing brief – the Unit 5 Contextual Influences in Art and Design, I have now been given two new briefs. My first new brief is Unit 4 Communication through Art and Design and I am doing a second assignment based on a previous assignment – Unit 34 Image Manipulation.

However this time I will be creating images based around a theme I want to pick, this will be one of the more broader briefs I will undertake. ย Do not worry content will still be being publish I have already started working on Unit 4 Communication Through Art and Design. This is similar to producing the adverts for electronic products in Unit 3 Concepts and Ideas.

Thank you all for the continued support you have been giving me by coming to view and visit my site; I really appreciate it! I will be posting another post today introducing Unit 4 Communication through Art and Design.ย This was just to say that I am still going to continue with producing content for the blog I may be a bit slow to produce/update the content for the blog.


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