Unit 3 – Project Evaluation

This assignment has been a difficult task to accomplish. I have found within this brief a lot more variables to consider when shooting images for an advert.

I learnt when preparing for a studio shoot, that you need to prepare and for everything and consider a back-up plan. I unfortunately ran into some problems due to my lack of preparation for my shoot. This led to me having to do a re-shoot and changing my advert, which reduces the target audience of my advert.

I also learnt how to use the studio flashes and when to use a soft box and when it is more appropriate to leave the studio flash open. I found this experience very interesting as it gave me a lot of time to experiment. It also allowed me too see what certain lighting combinations did to images and how it changed the whole image. When shooting in the studio it allowed me to use an aperture smaller than f/7 this gave me very sharp images.

I also learnt through my research that Sony has a very good marketing department for advertising its products, I used three of their adverts to analyse and take inspiration. I also found analysing adverts that were not necessarily related but were of a similar theme helped me come up with some ideas.

I am very happy with the images I took from the second studio shoot and I believe from these images I have created a good studio advert, that targets my audience correctly and is likely to attract them to the advert. I also found that producing the studio images was an enjoyable experience as I felt more in control of the images I produced. Using the studio flashes allowed me to create dynamic lighting that was interesting and captivating.

I was less happy with the first studio shoot as I had not planned and considered all the props I would need, which led to the images being of a lower standard. I found creating taglines to suit the advert was hard to do and for it to go with the theme of the advert.

I also found creating a location shoot hard to then produce an advert that would fit the image. When shooting on location you had more to consider and this meant composing the image was slightly more frustrating.

Overall I believe the assignment has been a trouble to complete but the images are of a satisfactory standard. However I am interested in possibly looking further into commercial photography and advertising to get a better understanding.

GoPro 4 Sony Xperia Ad

This is my unit 3 assignment completed I will now start to post work from my new brief which I will do a post explaining what I am currently working on and where am I up to with those assignments.


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