Location Advert Evaluation

Sony Xperia Ad

Creating a location advert seemed to be a harder task to accomplish for me than the studio advert was, as I didn’t have complete control on where or when I would get the shot for the advert I wanted to create. I wasn’t very well prepared for what I wanted to create.

So my ideas for adverts came from taking images and seeing what could be fitted around the shots I created. The basic idea was to use the swans as an idea for standing out in the crowd, or in the case of the image the ducks surrounding them. Along with the tagline “Dare to be different” it communicates the idea of wanting to have a Sony Xperia and be unique in the crowds of iPhone and Samsung users.

I also feel that my inspiration from the Sony Bravia “colour like no other” advert helped contribute to producing this advert. As it gave me the idea to twist the reality of the advert making it more Surreal than factual but that gets people to look as there is no such thing as a purple swan, while a black swan is rare and does not live in the UK.

Overall I am very happy with the location advert, the idea is simple and is communicated well.


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