Creating my Location Advert

  • I had an idea to do an advert similar to the Sony Bravia TV advert with the coloured rabbits (See Analysed Location Adverts). But I wanted to create an image/advert which could be a more realistic everyday scene but with a twist. The image I have picked is suitable for the phone advert. This is because I can use the image metaphor of the Swanโ€™s standing out within the masses of ducks. Therefore a unique phone against the masses of iPhone and Samsung users.
    • The image was shot on my Nikon D5200 with a 35mm Prime Lens. I shot at 1/800th because I had the aperture set to f/2.2 to give you a shallower depth of field to draw your attention closer to the Swans. I set the camera ISO sensitivity to 100.


  • I started by cropping the image down to bring you closer to the subject and so I could have a white boarder at the bottom of the advert. This was so I could have the logo, the tagline and an image of the Sony Xperia Phone I was advertising.
    • I also then sourced for a black variant of the Sony Logo to go on the bottom white boarder. I also got an image of their most recent Sony Xperia Z3 (this is currently Sonyโ€™s current flagship phone) in a range of colours.

Sony Xperia Ad C2

Sony Xperia Ad C3

  • To make sure the swans look they were a representation of the Sony Xperia smartphones, I needed to create another Swan. So I used the Lasso tool along with the quick selection too to copy one of the swans.
    • I then wanted to colour two of the swans to resemble the black and purple Xperia smartphones within the image of three phones. I created a new layer and painted over one of the swans and then turned the opacity down, this altered the colour of the swan without altering the original image, and this also allowed me to specify the area.
    • As you can see I started working on the black swan, but had not turned the opacity down. This was to show the first stage of the process.
    • However the order does not resemble the picture of the three Sony Xperia smartphones, this takes away from the professionalism of the advert.

Sony Xperia Ad C4

Sony Xperia Ad Error

  • I started on correcting the order of the coloured swan arrangement, which involved me re-painting the layers with the correct positioning. This was just re-doing the process I had done before.

Sony Xperia Ad C5

  • Now that I have sorted the swan placement and colouring of the swans, I now need to decide on my tagline for the advert. I wanted to go with something that would dare the user to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Possibly using inspiration with using the like no other tagline. I started coming with possible tagline to fit with it:
    • Different Like No Other
    • Waterproofed Like No Other
    • Stylish and Sleek Like No Other
    • I gave up trying to incorporate the “like no other” tagline into the tagline for the advert. And decided to play on the image metaphor and create a tagline around that. I decided to use the tagline “Dare to Be Different”

Sony Xperia Ad

  • Here we can see the final advert completed overall once was finished, I was quite happy with the overall look. My image evaluation will be up tomorrow and hopefully so will the project evaluation. Sorry for the delay I seemed to have lost some of the images documenting the different stages of the development. So I went back and recreated those stages as a visual aid.

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