London Trip

So some of you may or may not know that I try to keep to a somewhat basic schedule (the keyword here being tries to). I am still going to be posting my work on Thursdays and Fridays. However this Monday to Wednesday that has just passed, I have been down in London with college to go look at some exhibitions. To name a few we want to the National Portrait Gallery (Which held the portrait of the year), Somerset House (which is currently holding a Guy Bourdin exhibition, which I thoroughly recommend) and the National History Museum (which was holding a Wildlife Photography exhibition).

Overall the trip was stressful to fit so much in three days but was very helpful and enjoyable. This was just a little post to say that if Thursday is a little quiet it’s because I am still recovering but I will have at least two posts today (including this one).

wpid-wp-1423141055554.jpeg wpid-wp-1423140552336.jpeg

These two group pictures were taken on our adventures on the last day around Hyde Park on the Barclays (Boris) Bikes. It was certainly a great three days in London.


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