Studio Advert Evaluation

Overall I am very pleased with the studio advert and what the advert represents. My studio advert is following the idea that I intended to do. However with a few minor adjustments, this was due to my lack of organisation on the 1st shoot. So for the 2nd Shoot I focussed on getting high quality props, so I asked my model to bring in his cycling gear. This meant I redesigned the advert to just focus on the cycling gear. Though the original intention was to shoot four different types of extreme sports gear, to promote the fact that GoPro is suitable for all types of Extreme Part.

So I refocused the advert on Cycling enthusiasts as I shot two different types of Cycling gear; mountain biking and road racing. So the original intention of the advert is still their but it is only focusing on being flexible for cyclists. However if I was to do more of these adverts I could do a campaign of showing two different sports on each poster that would allow me to target multiple extreme sport enthusiasts.

The advert does a very good job at targeting my intended audience and is quite easy to identify the purpose of the advert. Unfortunately it is very direct and could be can seen as not innovative as other adverts.

GoPro 4


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