Creating my Studio Advert

This post will be about how I created and developed my Studio Advert (GoPro Ad). So here are the two images I started with.

As I decided to go with two different types of bikers/cyclists. I got the model to wear road racing equipment which makes the images from the second shoot look more authentic.

Here we have the sitter wearing more suitable clothing that suits the mountain biking helmet, we also got the sitter goggles to increase the authenticity of model being a mountain biker.

  • Before I put the images together I first cropped them down and decided which side of the face I would use from each photo.
  • I then created a canvas to align the two images together, so I could then export it as JPEG file. This meant when I placed it onto the actual advert I didn’t have any issues with Level hierarchy.
    • Between the two images I placed a black boarder between the two images of the faces.
    • I then wanted to tweak the overall effect of the images. I added an adjustment mask to alter the saturation of the colour, to give a dramatic effect. In a current trend with advertisements the colour on the adverts have sometimes been pulled back.
    • I then added a second adjustment mask to increase the contrast, to complete the dramatic effect I was going for. For the final touches I painted black to prevent it from affecting the face and eyes.


  • I then created another canvas of A4 page size; I then created a boarder on the canvas with a pixel thickness of 30.

GoPro 1

  • I then realised the faces were slightly misaligned, as I started the process of correcting the misalignment; I decided to remove the black boarder as it was obstructive to the advert. This meant I had to alter the layers and correct the positioning of the paint I applied to the contrast layer.
  • To correct the misalignment, I had to reimport the images as the first try I altered the image shapes to take into account the boarder. Because the right image is of a downhill mountain bike helmet, it needed to be manipulated to correctly align with the left side. (In hindsight, I did not take enough care with keeping the tripod in place. This led to the post-processing/construction of my advert being more difficult than it needed to be.)

MARA Align 2

  • At this stage, I decided to remove the two boarders I placed above and below the image. They did not add to the aesthetics and in my opinion made my advert less professional.

GoPro 2 Align

  • Here you can see, I am adding my logo to the advert. I started by sourcing for the GoPro Logo either it be on a white background or a .PNG file. If you look the positioning of the logo has changed from the original design. I found that having the Logo first then the tagline, for this advert somewhat odd.

GoPro 3 Align

  • You may believe that I have just resized the original GoPro logo I sourced, but that would be an incorrect assumption. The original file wasn’t large enough, so exploding the image to fit the white area would have ended up in a pixelated mess. So I went and sourced for a bigger logo file, which was a JPEG instead of a PNG file like the first sourced GoPro logo. This would normally be a problem however I am placing the file onto a white background. Instead of risking the white background on the logo being different to the one on the poster. I rasterized the logo image to allow me to remove the white background on the logo.

GoPro 4 Align

  • Here we can see the tagline and two images showing GoPro cameras. I also made secondary tagline to get viewers to check out the GoPro website. However I made an error when typing the second tagline.
  • However I am not happy with the placement of the tagline, it does not seem right to have it placed above on its own. It would look better next to the logo…
  • It is also cramped down at the bottom to show the GoPro cameras, they are also not aligned which looks very unprofessional.
  • Here you can see the tagline has been moved below, so you can read the tagline then read the logo.
    • Moving the secondary tagline to the top meant, I had more room to display the cameras and the website. This entices viewers to research more about GoPro cameras and giving the viewers the line to their website. Increases the chance of them researching and taking interest in GoPro

GoPro 4

Unfortunately some images which show each step have been lost as I decided to delete them off my memory pen to save space. I will add them in later if I have time to open up the photoshop files.


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