Analysed Studio Adverts

For Unit 3 I have to come up with ideas for advertisements, I thought it would be best to look at previous adverts created for actual products. This would not only give me ideas on what works and possibly try to help me develop original ideas. For my studio advert I decided to look at three different adverts.

Advert 1 – JVC HiFI Advert 

JVC HiFI Advert

(Copyrights go to JVC – I do not own the material)

  • This is an advert promoting a JVC HiFi stereo
  • The advert has a violin with a speaker to give the impression, that the HiFI is capable of producing high quality sound.
  • The tagline reads “Sound has Never Been Better” which goes along with the theme that this is a high quality HiFi which will give you a high quality sound experience.
  • The edited violin with the speaker, maybe targeting audiophiles. As they are always looking for products which produce higher quality sound than the mainstream consumer.
  • I like this advert as it is simple but gets the the theme across, however it could have been a bit more original.

 Advert 2 – Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) “Your Whole World in Your Hands” Advert 

Sony PSP Advert

(Copyrights go to Sony – I do not own the material)

  • This is an advert for the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable)
  • The advert is bright and colourful, which will likely attract the younger generations but will also stand out more in a printed publication. (Grabbing more readers/viewers attention gets more peopler interested in the product being advertised)
  • The advert shows a lot of different game characters from games sold on the PSP platform
  • The advert has two tagline’s, the primary tag line reads “Your Whole World in Your Hands” this is referring to how you play the games on the console. The secondary tagline reads “Your Games, Your Music, Your Photos, Your Stuff” meaning its more than just a portable games console but its your entire personal portable digital world.
  • The advert is not showing the PSP in the hands but is showing how it would look but instead is showing a metaphorical sense that you are holding a world in your hands. ( referring to the game world on the PSP)
  • I find this a great advert and is unique in the way it brings its message across about being more than just being a portable games console but a personal portable digital world in your hands.

Advert 3 – Sony Headphones (Jimi Hendrix Appreciation) Advert

Sony Jimi Hendrex Headphone Advert

(Copyrights go to Sony – I do not own the material)

  • This is an advert for Sony Headphones
  • This advert was part of a collection of adverts used in Korea to advertise Sony Headphones. These adverts would dress the headphones up to resemble key different musicians of the past. This would allow Sony to target a wide range of music lovers.
  • The advert I have picked resembles “Jimi Hendrix” or James Marshall Hendrix who was an American Musician. Though short lived he is considered one of the most influential musicians of Pop Music.
  • The original tagline was in Korean and reads ” Hello Jimi, Like the God of Guitar, who strokes the string with every fibre in his body. Feel the performance in full using XBA sound” (I apologise if the translation is not great entering Korean from a picture onto Google translate is no easy task.)
  • This is my favourite of the three adverts I chose as it is very unique and has many different variations to target different music lovers. They all have very unique looks here is a link other adverts on Pinterest

There you have it my three analysed studio adverts, I found these very interesting and gave me some interesting ideas for how to produce my adverts.


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