Where have I been?

So I do believe a Happy New Year celebration is in order… I do apologise for my lack of activity on the sight I have been very busy with my most recent assignment. Yes another assignment has managed to take over my life and pull my attention away from working on my blog.

Seriously I am not happy with my lack of effort in maintaining to publish posts and work on the sight! I was really happy with the feedback I got from starting the blog and I don’t want to let this all go to waste. So I am making a promise to try at the very least to publish one post a week and I will try to keep it to a Thursday or Friday.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to get access to my Project Evaluation for my Unit 34 Image Manipulation, so that will be left unfinished until I can get a hold of the sketchbook (I managed to delete the original file so I have to look at the printed copy).

In other news the most recent assignment I have handed in is not Unit 5 Contextual Influences in Art and Design, this is an ongoing assignment which consists of a lot of background research and an essay that I will need to produce.

The assignment I did hand in was Unit 3 Concepts and Ideas, which has been about advertising and producing a studio advert and a location advert. This has been quite a stressful assignment for me which has been quite for hard for me to complete but nether less I have handed it in. I will be publishing work from this assignment alongside other work from Unit 5.

I also have had my first commission to produce images displaying my friends fashion designs. This was the first time I got to take total charge and independence in the studio which was very interesting. I also got to produce some of my own images from the shoot. Overall I was happy with the shoot, below are some images from the shoot.

My Friend Jade’s Fashion Shoot:









My Studio Portrait Shoot:

     DSC_0044 DSC_0091DSC_0092 DSC_0093


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