In a previous post I stated that I was having trouble keeping up with posting on this site because of my new assignments. Unfortunately I have seemed to misplace half of my Unit 34 Image Manipulation. So I shall start posting work from Unit 5 Contextual Influences in Art and Design.

Semiotics: the study of signs and symbols and their interpretation.

Semiotics can be divided into three sections:


Semantics: “the relation between signs and the things to which they refer their meaning”

Syntactics: the relations among signs in formal structures

Pragmatics: “the relation between signs and sign-using agents”

So Signs…

Signs – any object, action, event, pattern etc that conveys a meaning. Source

  • We read signs to create our own meaning from what we see.
  • Signs are made up from Signifiers and Signified.
Signifiers: Signified:
A Sign’s physical form (such as sound printed words or image) as distinct from its meaning. The meaning or idea expressed by a sign, as distinct form in which it is expressed.

Applying Signifiers and Signifieds to images:


2014-11-26 15.30.28

Signifiers: Signified:
·      Girl

·      Girls Expression on Face

·      Girls body position

·      White Clothes on Girl

·      London

·      London Underground

·      London Tube Train

·      The London underground is not providing a good enough service disappointing commuters

·      The quality of the tube carriages or the tube stations are not being maintained good enough

Three types of Signs:

Types of Signs

  1. Indexical: Signs that indicate the presence of a camera (and a photographer)
  2. Iconic: Signs that resemble an object or thing
  3. Symbolic: Signs that can depict; wealth, poverty, peace or justice

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