Naming Tools in Photoshop

For this assignment we had to learn the Photoshop environment, and what the different tools do and be able to use when it is applicable. So this post will be going through the different tools I have used on Photoshop.

PHOTOThe move tool allows the user to move an item within Photoshop. This can be a selection made with the Lasso Tool or an image added on another layer.

PHOTO 1The Marquee Tool allows a user to create a defined selection shape to work within the image on Photoshop. As you can see there are multiple predefined Marquee shapes.

PHOTO 2The lasso tool is another selection tool provided by Photoshop but this gives the user more flexibility, as it requires the user to use their input device to create a shape. However the Lasso tool has a magnetic tool, which can aid the user in creating a custom shape by following contrasting lines within the image. The Magnetic Lasso Tool can have the settings changed to specify how accurate selection is and if it should anti-alias or not.

PHOTO 3The Quick Selection Tool allows Photoshop to make an automatic decision based on what should be selected within the image. We also have the Magic Wand Tool, which allows us to select certain colours from within the image. The Magic Wand Tool allows us to specify the point range and how much it specifies from within the point range. The tolerance can also be specified on how accurate Photoshop is with choosing colour; the higher the number the more accurate Photoshop is with selecting colour to point range.

PHOTO 4The healing tools allow us to correct faults within the image that we are editing. The “spot healing brush tool” is an automatic healing tool that removes blemishes and tries to even skin tones automatically through Photoshop’s algorithm. The “Healing Brush Tool” is a manual version of the “Spot healing brush tool” the user must specify a point on the photo which will then re-create that point somewhere else on the photo. The “Patch tool” allows you to select an area of the photo and from that use the information and replicate the texture of selected are somewhere else on the image. The “Content-aware move tool” allows you to select an area of the image to move, but is also contextually aware of what your trying to move on the image. The “ Red Eye Tool” can be used when a flash on the camera has caused Red Eye, this allows you to remove it.

PHOTO 5The “brush tool” replicates a brush, which can have a customisable: size, hardness and texture. The “brush tool” can be used to specify on adjustment masks where you want the adjustment mask to apply on the image (Selective Editing). The “Pencil Tool” replicates a pencil, which can have a customisable: size, hardness and texture. If you were to use Photoshop with a graphics tablet, this tool would be very useful if you wanted to draw on an image or a blank digital canvas. The “Colour Replacement Tool” allows a user to paint onto an image but it tints the colours on the image. This could be used to subtly change the eye colour on a portrait. The “Mixer Brush Tool” allows you to mix colours on the layer your editing, giving the effect of wet paint mixing.


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