Exploring Manipulated Images

This post is about the Image Manipulation assignment, where we were required to research manipulated images and explain how they were made.

These are not my images and these are the websites I took them from, I’m not claiming them as my own these were the images I wanted

Mark Reeves – http://www.markitecture.co.uk/

Mark Reeves is a past Mid Cheshire student who specialises in commercial photography, capturing images on bespoke high end products.Reeves uses a range of techniques and each image varies on the level of editing. This is because the products he captures are bespoke, so he wants to create a unique image to display the craftsmanship of the product.

The image could have been retouched slightly to increase the contrast and colour saturation to bring out the top of the table and the patterns within the material. I also believe the images has been reconstructed (if edited within Photoshop, he would have used layers to construct the image) to resemble where the image was taken but with a twist. To the right of the table we can see a red circle. This is an imitation of a shadow but gives the image a visual appeal, to entice viewers to look at it. The outer circle of the image could represent the floor the table is on. The image is quite obviously manipulated because everything is perfectly symmetrical and the red shadow could have been easier to implement post camera, rather than while creating the image.


Mark Reeves – http://www.markitecture.co.uk/


This is another image from Mark Reeves, however this image has a lot less image manipulation applied to it. This is partly due to the album that this image came from. Reeves was contracted to take images of a company (Silver Linings – Furniture) that designs some of the high-end bespoke products, Reeves has photographed. This image is manipulated but in a much simpler way, and this image hasn’t be reconstructed with multiple images. I believe this image was already shot in black and white but this could have been applied to the image if the camera shot the images in RAW. Reeves has increased the overall brightness and contrast to the image. I also believed the portrait has had the skin retouched and that the image also has had a slight vignetting around the edge if the frame.


Phil Borg – http://www.philborg.com/index.php

Phil Borg is another past student of Mid Cheshire College. Unlike Mark Reeves, Borg is a freelance photographer.

This image is quite a complicated image and has clearly been manipulated. The image makes the viewer perceive that there is a city within the fishbowl. This image will have been constructed from at the very least, two images.


Phil Borg – http://www.philborg.com/index.php

This is another image from Phil Borg, however the complexity of the manipulation of the image and the subject of the image differ to the first image. This is due to origin of the image; this was taken for the BBC as promotional material for the BBC Three’s television show “Britain’s Best Young Talent”. We can clearly see that the image has been constructed from two images of the same person. When the two people overlay each other we can see there is a slight transparency, which has been added so that we can make out the two different body positions. The colour within the image also gives the impression that they have been edited the colour vibrancy is subtle not eye-popping. The brightness and contrast also seem to be retouched slightly.


Simon Leach – http://www.simonrleach.com/

Simon Leach is a portrait photographer who also does a lot of freelance work. This photo is from a series of shots captured, depicting French/Italian Riveria Culture. It is quite clear that the image has been manipulated because the overall image is sharp yet the detail on the face has no blemishes and is an even complexion. This could be done by using a healing tool such as the spot healing brush tool or the clone stamp tool, however I believe this was done by adding a new layer and applying the Gaussian blur. To prevent it from affecting the whole image, Leach will have used some selective editing techniques. The colour of the overall image has been altered; it looks like it has been de-saturated. The contrast the image has also been altered; the contrast of the image has been darkened. I also believe the image had had a vignetting effect applied to it to draw the viewer to the center of the frame where the subject is located within the image.


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