What is Image Manipulation?

What is Image Manipulation?

Image manipulation/Photo manipulation is applying editing techniques to photographs, in order to alter the image or create an illusion with the image. Simple editing image such as an enhancement or correction to the image is known as retouching.

Retouching is also possible on film, it can be done while developing the film or once the photos have been processed onto photographic paper and have effect applied then.

Image manipulation can refer to editing done on a computer, using image manipulation software to preform a range of techniques that can be added to an image.

There is a range of different image manipulation packages available to consumers and professionals:

Image Manipulation Packages

Though there feature set and target audience maybe different there basic principle is to manipulate photos.

So what is the difference between image manipulation and image retouching?


re-origOriginal Image: This is an image I took while walking home from college however the image is slightly underexposed.

re-editEdited Image: To retouch the image I used an adjustment mask with curves to alter the overall exposure, thus making it brighter.

Image Manipulation:

IM-orig Original Image: This is another image taken on a walk home; it isn’t a very strong image composition wise. It also isn’t a very interesting image and there are some obstructions within the frame.

IM-editEdited Image: For this image I have tried to change different aspects of the image. Instead of the road I used the lasso tool and the patch tool to re-texture the road as all grass. I also used this technique to remove the cables and streetlight from within the frame. I also increased the brightness within the image, but I painted on the mask so I could change the brightness of the sky separately. I also increased the saturation of the colours, to make the image more vibrant and to stand out more.


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