Creating My Sketchbook

I have started my first assignment, which is based on Line and Tone (black and white photography). Subsequently I needed to something to put all my work together for the assignment. I had two options, for how I could present my work; I could use a folder and slot my work or create a sketchbook for the assignment. I decided to choose the second option and create a sketchbook, that is personal to me and will allow to me and will allow me to show my work in the best way possible!

The image to the right is my sketchbook and the image below is a page from the sketchbook. As you can see my sketchbook has already started to be filled with my work for this assignment. This is both an interesting task but is also a time consuming task. I want to make sure everything is done to a high standard, to ensure I achieve a good grade on the assignment.

Anyway, I have a few more posts to be posted for today, updating you on my work and progress regarding this assignment. Thank you for reading this post, and I hope you continue to read as I progress through my course.


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